Medical, Dental & Veterinarian

Thinking of building or improving a location for a dental office, medical clinic or veterinarian facility? Consider Western Construction Services as your first call to make your vision a reality.

If you want a state-of-the-art facility for your dental or medical clinic, Western Construction Services has been building, improving, and remodeling facilities all over the West for decades. We know what clinic managers and doctors require a useable space that facilitates good patient experiences and functionality for staff.

Let us help you navigate the design, planning, and building challenges for medical facilities in your municipality and state.

Learn about our Medical and Dental experience:

Our Commitment

“Allow us to help you on your journey toward building or remodeling a medical facility. Whether you are seeking to open a dental office, medical clinic, or veterinary facility, you can count on Western Construction Services to help you launch your location. We understand the needs of today’s clinics and the planning, design, permitting, regulations, and challenges. My commitment to you is we will get your clinic open, on budget, and on time.”

– Ken Andrews, President,
Western Construction Services.

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