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Tenant Improvement: Western Construction Services BLOG

Western Construction Services is highly skilled on both sides of the tenant improvement equation. If you are a retailer seeking to build-out a space you’ve leased, or a mall/retail leasing manager with a client at-the-ready to build, we are ready to assist you in your journey toward opening your doors to the public.

Many people share a common dream – to open their own store. Whether inside a mall, along a street, or a stand-alone building, the process of a buildout can be complicated. This is where a guide, a contractor, can make that dream a reality.

Over the past 40 years, Western Construction has worked with numerous retailers, local and regional malls, street side buildouts and even ground-up projects for major companies. Each involves different levels of design, permitting, planning, build-out and special access.

We’d like to share several such stories. First let us introduce Peter and Le Sterr. This husband and wife team decided to launch a brand-new concept called Ding Tea in North Portland. This is the very first journey into retail, and luckily, they had been referred to Western Construction Services and Project Manager David Szyplinski. Peter and Le describe their journey here:

Western Construction Services president, Ken Andrews has had an ongoing relationship with CenterCal – one of the largest mall leasing and management companies in the west. Western has been privileged to provide tenant improvements for leased spaces, maintenance, and holiday décor needs. Meet Karl Hunter, with CenterCal and learn about how Western Construction Services gets it done for Bridgeport Village:


Lastly, Western has been on the forefront of restaurant build-outs and ground up. Many tenant improvement projects are delis, coffee shops, or convenience based. One such example is we’ve had a 20-year relationship with Portland’s iconic Elephants Delicatessen. Anne Weaver, CEO of Elephant’s depends on Western Construction, and it’s always her first call.

Be sure to visit our tenant improvement page HERE, see our photos, watch our video and learn more about our services.

We know tenant improvement.

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