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When a client comes to Western Construction Services our goal is to make the project is as seamless as possible. All the aspects of construction – concept, design, permits, materials, construction come together with minimal friction and surprises. It’s not an easy goal to achieve and it takes extensive experience, a remarkable team, and the ability to anticipate issues before they arrive. And believe us, every project has challenges


Western Construction’s Design/Build team makes all the difference in our success, and ultimately yours as well. When our team oversees your project, along with your project manager, you just gave your vision and construction dream the team it deserves. In this blog we give you three videos we’d like you to watch. Each one serves up a different perspective on our design/build service. First let’s start with Kevin Kinkaid and learn more about the inner workings of the team, and the difference it will make for your next project.

As Kevin mentioned in the video, Western Construction is adept at working with architects and designers. If you already have plans, are working with an architect, we would invite you and your architect to the table, and keep the project moving along. Phil Sydnor with Integrate Architecture has had tremendous success over the years with Western Construction and he tells you why. The review of plans to find potential permitting issues, or compliance problems needs to happen early on in the process, it’s a time and cost saver for his clients.  Let’s learn more here.

Lastly, we also work directly with designers as well. Interior designers and planners are integral in the look, feel, and experience of an intended project, and we assist in making their vision for a project come to life. Clients and designers have been coming to Western Construction for 40 years and together, we’ve done outstanding work. Let’s hear from long-time Portland designer Nancy Richmond about why she trusts Western Construction.

Are you ready? Be sure to contact one of our project managers and let’s start building together!


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