Rooftop Pool Project

Occasionally Western Construction bids and wins business that lends itself to photos, video, and documentation. The SouthPark Square Apartments roof top pool project is such a project. First a little back story – the demolition of the previous pool and roofing material was underway, about 2 years ago, with a different construction company. For reasons, we can’t go into here, the demolition was halted, and the project sat for almost 18 months.

Holland Partner Group, who manages the building in downtown Portland, right off the main park blocks, reached out to Western Construction, and we submitted a bid and took over the project. We’ve been tasked with removing the old roofing, furniture, remaining materials, and prepping the roof for a fabulous new pool area designed by Garrison Hullinger and Dominek Architecture. The goal is new pool, roofing, decking, and creating an outdoor living area the residents of SouthPark Square Apartments can enjoy for years to come.

In our first of several videos, you can see the state of project and follow along. The roof was covered with a deteriorating tent, a half-completed demolition, dilapidated roofing and its quite a mess – but our crews and subcontractors are on it!

OK, we have exactly 16 weeks to transform the roof into a fabulous and livable space for hundreds of residents… here we go!

Now that the remaining roofing is being removed, we must remove that deteriorating tent and scaffolding so the crews can access the roof and continue the process. So, if you ever wondered what it’s like to do crane lifts in downtown Portland on a busy Saturday, next to farmer’s market – we got you covered. Watch the team from Maxim Crane Works make it look easy in our second week video!

During our third week, most of the remaining roofing material is gone, and we begin the process of readying the foundation for the pool. In the opening drone shot, you can see the lines and grid for the pool.  During our second of many crane lifts, the lumber for the cement forms had to be lifted, and all the garbage brought down. Also, we delivered Crumbl cookies for the tenants affected by all the work. They loved them!

It was a busy and full schedule – watch week 3 here!

Luckily the weather has been cooperating and all the crews have been working on schedule to complete the amazing roof top pool project. This week we do a concrete pump up to the 9th floor and fill the pool foundation forms. The synchronized work of the various crews from Brand Safway, Fine Line Concrete and Maxim Crane in order to pull off the concrete pump efficiently is fantastic to watch.

The expert drone work in the week 6 video below is something to watch!  Our marketing team of Jim Beriault (RocketGlow Marketing) and video work of Dan Pred (Video Media Portland) and Bobby Pollatta (Bobby P Media) really shine here.  During this week, the crane required an extension in order to bring up the decking materials. Follow along up close through the whole process!

During the week 7 and week 8 updates the crews continue to finalize the roofing material. All the drains and fixtures must be waterproofed and ready for fall rains. Additionally, the existing bathroom had to be gutted, and completely refinished with a new entry, door, and fixtures as well. Almost every other Saturday, new material must be lifted to the 9th floor rooftop pool area. This week, the foam foundations for the tile floor is being lifted along with the grey slate tiles that will be installed. As you’ll see, it takes tremendous coordination and timing for all the crews involved – all so that the foundation can be set later in the week. Lastly, our good friends at Crumbl dropped off more cookies for the residents! Watch the video here:

During our week 9 video update, we start on the deck structure. Our subs layout the design and begin to construct the deck material that was lifted several weeks ago. At the same time the foam support foundation is nearing completion. The foam foundation allows for the slate to be placed and also gives protection from cold and heat. Our film crew set up a time-lapse so you can watch the deck come together!

During week 10, the process of laying the grey slate tile begins. It is an exacting process for our subcontractor Tueful Landscape to lay out. A metal backing must be placed on each tile then each piece has to be exactly lined up perfectly. The adjustable risers allow for a level surface so work can continue. Not one tile can be slightly off! Watch the work begin here:

During week 11, the tile work continues, with the cutting of corner and end pieces. As you can see from the opening video sequence, the tile work is nearing completion. During week 12, the next round of pool structure arrives. These frames will hold the walls in for the pool and create the outside pool rail. These pieces were expertly crafted right here in Portland by InstaFAB. Western Construction had to close the streets temporarily for Maxim to hoist these massive pieces to the 9th floor of SouthPark Square. The assembly of structure can then begin! Watch here:

Coming up for weeks 12, 13 and 14 we are excited to show that the pool parts from Italy have arrived! After being stuck in Seattle for several weeks, due to supply chain issues, all the final parts and pieces are in Portland. This week, we lift all the components to the roof, so that Anderson Poolworks can begin their construction. There are hundreds of parts that must be accounted for and readied. And each part must fit exactly!  Also, the BBQ area is starting to come together. Watch the video below:

Here are the updates for October and November. The pool deck pans are now in place, and ready for cement. Also, now that the pool surround is done, the next step is to tile the outside and inside of the pool. Watch the time-lapse video as the crews place hundreds of bricks in place. It’s really starting to take shape!


The advantages of a Design/Build team for your next project: Western Construction Blog

When a client comes to Western Construction Services our goal is to make the project is as seamless as possible. All the aspects of construction – concept, design, permits, materials, construction come together with minimal friction and surprises. It’s not an easy goal to achieve and it takes extensive experience, a remarkable team, and the ability to anticipate issues before they arrive. And believe us, every project has challenges


Western Construction’s Design/Build team makes all the difference in our success, and ultimately yours as well. When our team oversees your project, along with your project manager, you just gave your vision and construction dream the team it deserves. In this blog we give you three videos we’d like you to watch. Each one serves up a different perspective on our design/build service. First let’s start with Kevin Kinkaid and learn more about the inner workings of the team, and the difference it will make for your next project.

As Kevin mentioned in the video, Western Construction is adept at working with architects and designers. If you already have plans, are working with an architect, we would invite you and your architect to the table, and keep the project moving along. Phil Sydnor with Integrate Architecture has had tremendous success over the years with Western Construction and he tells you why. The review of plans to find potential permitting issues, or compliance problems needs to happen early on in the process, it’s a time and cost saver for his clients.  Let’s learn more here.

Lastly, we also work directly with designers as well. Interior designers and planners are integral in the look, feel, and experience of an intended project, and we assist in making their vision for a project come to life. Clients and designers have been coming to Western Construction for 40 years and together, we’ve done outstanding work. Let’s hear from long-time Portland designer Nancy Richmond about why she trusts Western Construction.

Are you ready? Be sure to contact one of our project managers and let’s start building together!


Be sure to visit our Design Build page too – click HERE

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Tenant Improvement: Western Construction Services BLOG

Western Construction Services is highly skilled on both sides of the tenant improvement equation. If you are a retailer seeking to build-out a space you’ve leased, or a mall/retail leasing manager with a client at-the-ready to build, we are ready to assist you in your journey toward opening your doors to the public.

Many people share a common dream – to open their own store. Whether inside a mall, along a street, or a stand-alone building, the process of a buildout can be complicated. This is where a guide, a contractor, can make that dream a reality.

Over the past 40 years, Western Construction has worked with numerous retailers, local and regional malls, street side buildouts and even ground-up projects for major companies. Each involves different levels of design, permitting, planning, build-out and special access.

We’d like to share several such stories. First let us introduce Peter and Le Sterr. This husband and wife team decided to launch a brand-new concept called Ding Tea in North Portland. This is the very first journey into retail, and luckily, they had been referred to Western Construction Services and Project Manager David Szyplinski. Peter and Le describe their journey here:

Western Construction Services president, Ken Andrews has had an ongoing relationship with CenterCal – one of the largest mall leasing and management companies in the west. Western has been privileged to provide tenant improvements for leased spaces, maintenance, and holiday décor needs. Meet Karl Hunter, with CenterCal and learn about how Western Construction Services gets it done for Bridgeport Village:


Lastly, Western has been on the forefront of restaurant build-outs and ground up. Many tenant improvement projects are delis, coffee shops, or convenience based. One such example is we’ve had a 20-year relationship with Portland’s iconic Elephants Delicatessen. Anne Weaver, CEO of Elephant’s depends on Western Construction, and it’s always her first call.

Be sure to visit our tenant improvement page HERE, see our photos, watch our video and learn more about our services.

We know tenant improvement.